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3 Tips to survive the technological and behavioral changes of our “Era”

09 de September de 2013 in Blog

data_icon1-295x300Big Data, cloud computing, first-generation iPhone … All these great changes appeared less than 10 years and has been incorporated into the daily lives of those who work with technology, making it indispensable .

Currently , the technologies often come to the market and directly impact the way IT does business, undermining existing structures and generating behavioral changes . One major change is the degree of expectation of users, which is now more aware of the use of technological tools and starts demanding that IT offers a more simplified access to data and applications . Another was the change in the role and responsibilities of the IT professional, who takes on a consultant , responsible for guiding technology decisions independent of her business is based within the four walls of the enterprise data center, on a personal device or a public cloud.

These are the changes that are shaping the current “Era” of IT , that even with the large volume of technological advances have on their professional difficulties to adapt. After all , fit the technology is simple, what is complicated, is deal with people.

To keep pace among such technological and behavioral tremors, follow these three tips:


1 – Focus on the ” simpler ” if you’re in a job application development : supplement the experience with coding skills , ergonomic design and user interface .


2 – Be “faster ” if you are in a position of IT infrastructure : Strive to become an architect performance and be able to advise the business on IT services .


3 – Select the ” easier ” if you are in a position of IT operations : the DevOps is the solution by automating the lifecycle of the application , as well as the infrastructure program to be more agile, improving the efficiency of IT team .

Technical Support: how to achieve user expectations

04 de September de 2013 in Blog

solucao-300x190Achieving user expectations that search service technical support help desk is the goal to be pursued by industry professionals. Several factors hinder a quality service in the IT field. Among them are:


– Lack of confidence of the customer in relation to the company;

– Need to resolve repeated problems for not offering permanent solution;

– Lack of information available to management;

– Lack of effective mechanism for customer support;

– Unclear resources and costs.


But in addition to awareness the existence of these problems that hinder the  services, those who work with technical support needs to know that there is a difference between need and expectation of the user. Understanding these concepts is critical to ensure customer satisfaction. Solving user needs does not mean reaching your expectations. The first, in this case, is easier to achieve.


For example: if a customer says he needs availability and capacity of storing messages in your email, just comply with these requirements will not be sufficient for the user to feel satisfied. He also expects the speed of access and an efficient  technical support.


After all, what is the customer expects when ​​technical support is resorted?


1) Services and functional products ;

2) Reliability and accuracy – ensuring  a competent service;

3) Skilled care team;

4) Quick, cheap and effective support processes;

5) Empathy – be heard and respected, feel that the attendant is concerned to solve your problem.

The feedback importance for your Help Desk

02 de September de 2013 in Blog



Improve customer service and consequently , productivity is a goal to be pursued constantly. Helpdesk is by definition a support service to the consumers/users , which makes it even more necessary customer feedback to improve the service even more.


It is through feedback that the trader is informed about their performance during the service, which includes his conduct and competence to solve the user’s problem . This dialogue is critical to their development . But customers do not always give feedback spontaneously. If not satisfied, many will just look for other companies offering the same service . It is up to the attendant , therefore , request that return periodically, and this applies not only to customers , but also for managers. The feedback makes possible to pass the professional know what is right , what is missing, and if your work is aligned with user expectations and leadership.


Remember, the client request must be accompanied by the solution of your problem. Imagine the following situation: the attendant help desk gets a call, and after a few minutes to transfer to another sector or more specifically informs the user that the technician support is on the way to your company to solve the problem. The service does not end when the phone is hanged up. At the end of the day, or in the next morning, call the user and ask how it was served, if he still has doubts and if the problem is completely solved. This type of feedback is important for the user to feel important to the company. A very interesting suggestion is to adjust getting feedback from their helpdesk service processes via automated management software helpdesk. This way you get feedback from your help desk and do not need to stop what you’re doing to require the evaluation of the quality of service .


Guide to upgrade your Help Desk career

30 de August de 2013 in Blog


The IT market is very competitive. If you thought about improving your skills, now is time to stand out.


Check out 10 tips for you conquer the success in your help desk career:


1. Know your team and give constant feedback to your manager.

2. Search. Try to talk to the user during the call and make satisfaction reports.

3. Reevaluate the processes, leave your comfort zone and try to always improve your approaching.

4. Do not annoy the user, use fast systems, with easy maintenance and explain as much as necessary, using simple language and leaving aside the technical terms.

5. Establish priorities, solving one problem at a time.

6. Use indicators to measure your performance proactively, do not expect your manager to evaluate it.

7. Take care of your appearance and look the way you speak, in voice quality and fluency, it can help you.

8. Understand the external social networks. IT professionals must understand how the features of social business are increasingly integrated into the business and how it can affect the productivity and safety of the user.

9. Master a second language (at least). With the globalization, more and more companies have the opportunity to meet clients anywhere in the world.

10. Know the company you work for. You need to understand what your customer really needs, they are receiving your service.

Tips for a smart Help Desk

28 de August de 2013 in Blog



The Help Desk goes far beyond a simple technical support … It is a information facilitator, be technical or not. To work in the best way possible, it needs smart people in charge and they need to be aware of the importance of good relations. Below, check out some tips to make your help desk more intelligent and effective:


– Explore your skills beyond technical knowledge, such as kindness and empathy.

– Adopt an attitude focusing on the user to facilitate communication and avoid rework.

– Approach the user through simply and didactic explanations.

– Retain the user. Warning: this is not to provide lifetime support, it is to teach him to earn your trust and autonomy.

– Generate feedbacks with the knowledge obtained to create continuous improvements in the help desk processes.

– Calm and deal with anxious customers and at the same time, solve the problem.


Eleven ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the service to your help desk customer

26 de August de 2013 in Blog

935554_515469491843579_1992243778_nRethinking the help desk services is the first step to reduce costs while providing quality service to customers. Satisfaction surveys, for example, can help in the process of user prioritization, which optimizes time of the help desk professional. Be updated on most recent/efficient tools and technologies. It helps providing a more objective service and diminish the wastes. But beyond that, what other strategies can be planned to the company cut costs while maintaining the level of service?


1) Focus on Problem Management. Analyze the root cause makes the service more effective and can eliminate the incidents cause.

2) Streamline the response to the client: automate and integrate everything into a single system;

3) Be proactive and anticipate the customer needs;

4) Get involved with the client’s problem and be flexible. Service dedication is also a way to optimize the work;

5) Make an analysis of the most common problems faced by users and set more objective strategies to reduce or eliminate the causes;

6) Focus on first contact resolution and ensure user satisfaction;

7) Create time indexes and in the quality of the resolution problem;

8) Record the incidents and service requests till the solution;

9) Remotely access the client machine to view and solve the problem.

10) Bet on virtual support and reduce visits for software installation, configuration changes and upgrades;

11) Retire old technologies.

Simple solutions.

23 de August de 2013 in Blog

Many problems can be solved with simple solutions.


Humor – 4 Funny Help Desk T-shirts.

23 de August de 2013 in Blog

Were you looking for HELP DESK t-shirts? So here it goes 4 tips!

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Why Support Services to the customer is so important to online shoppers?

01 de March de 2013 in Blog, Satisfaction

Most people think of online shopping as a way to cut costs. But rarely consider the costs that shopping online adds to their operation. The physical distance between buyer and seller adds risk to the client’s brand. If you are part of an enterprise ecommerce, online shoppers are facing an additional charge in all phases of the buying process, and your customer support should be there to ease your workload research in each step.

What to expect from online shoppers support?
It is tempting to think of customer service as reactive: something that is dormant until a customer takes the initiative to ask for help for your purchase. But some customers need support before making a purchase. Furthermore, not all customers are proactive, many will simply open another store in a new tab to find the information they seek, rather than risk a long wait on hold or an e-mail support useless. The customer support should give a great deal of basic research that will result in online shopping, offering a shorter path to relevant information, improved self-care, the closing of the purchase and contacts to deliver accurate.

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