Help Desk Software

Why Milldesk?

Practicality and transparency for your user, organization and control for your tech staff and intelligent management for your help desk. An essential tool for your business.
  • Why is it important for your user?

    Ensure excellent experience to your user in an intuitive and user friendly way with the following features:
    • Self-service portal
    • Catalog of services pre-configured to clients
    • Maximized friendliness and usability
    • Access to the history of solved tickets
    • Agility of resolution with a knowledge base
    • Exchange of messages with the technicians
    • Message board for important notices from your help desk
    • Ticket opening by email
    • Access by mobile devices
    • Satisfaction assessment
  • Why is it important for your help desk and service desk staff?

    Have in hands the control and organization that your technicians require to provide excellent service on daily routine. Check out the features:
    • Full panel of ticket tracking
    • Scheduling requests
    • Service levels of the ticket
    • Inventories of hardware and software
    • Ticket prioritization
    • Catalog of services
    • Scheduling of requests
    • Technical service report (TSR)
    • Exchange messages with users directed through each tickets
    • Change and issues management
    • Mobile access
    • Solution base of known issues
    • Quick request of tickets
  • Why is it important for your management?

    Raise the level of your service! Manage and transform your help desk based on best practices. Check it out:
    • 100% web
    • Immediate deployment and use!
    • Audit of tickets
    • Establishment of shared services center (SSC)
    • Facilitated export of data
    • Over 100 management reports to measure the progress of your help desk
    • Previews in real time via customizable dashboards
    • SLA management
    • Asset management
    • Contract management
    • Free access for all requesters
    • Compliant with the best ITIL practices
    • No fee for hiring
    • No penalty for cancellations
    • Profile of access privileges for technicians
    • Customized color themes and logo
    • Openness to suggestions for improvement
    • Unlimited tickets
    • Free support
    • Customizable email templates
    • Available in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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